NIACE brings together engineering companies and knowledge providers to work on projects developing technical expertise and helping support innovation and product development – for the benefit of the NI economy


It is a forum to foster business to business links and signposting for the local supply chain in a modern building close to major rail, air and sea routes which houses testing and prototype manufacturing facilities in a collaborative environment.

Our expertise and capability supports multiple sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Renewables and Space.

We offer knowledge and skills together with access to likeminded businesses in different aspects of engineering and manufacturing through workshops and introductions to new technologies.

We offer an opportunity to reduce development times, share project responsibility, have the potential to access funding and provide access to equipment for manufacturing and testing not currently available to the company.

NIACE provides an opportunity for organisations across the globe to become members, working on joint projects and de-risking of research and development activities. Participating businesses are encouraged to regularly place their employees at the centre to maximise learning.


Our capabilities


• Thermal analysis equipment

• Differential Scanning Calorimetry

• Thermogravimetric Analysis

• Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

• Dielectric Analysis (DEA)

• Metallurgical microscope

• Binocular microscope

• Confocal microscope

• Scanning Electron Microscope

• Sample prep and polish

Part Manufacture
& Assembly

• RTM Press • Laminate Preformer

• Temperature controlled layup room

• Autoclaves

• Resin Transfer Injection systems

• Injection moulding machine

• Torque Rheometer mixer:

• Twin Screw Extruder System: TE 16mm

• Weaving Looms • 3D printers

• Robotic manufacture / assembly cells

Mechanical /
Structural Test

• 50kN – 1500kN ranges (9 machines)

• Temperature range –100ºC to +350ºC

• Frequency range 0 – 50Hz

• 24 channels high speed data recording

• Impact testing to 826J

• Environmental conditioning

• Ovens to 650ºC

• Extensometry

• Digital Image Correlation

• Strain gauge fit

Our participants are from a wide range of
industrial sectors including

NIACE have a selection of cross sectional knowledge transfers regularly taking place between participants.