Composites joining techniques  

A review of existing joining technologies and examination of new and innovative methods for load transfer. Establishment of design allowables and analytical methods for validation by testing.

Recycling of PEEK thermoplastics

PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic which can be used as a metal replacement in many areas, but it is expensive. This project analysed the performance of recycled PEEK materials to determine where recycled PEEK can be used.

Composites Inspection & Repair

A project considering the design and planning or repairs for composite components. This included the quantification of damage (via NDI), and assessment of repair methods by mechanical testing and analysis, repair design and planning, damage detection and quantification, resin injection repairs, methods and manufacturing, mechanical testing, analysis.

Composite Tooling

Providing alternatives to the costly tooling usually associated with the manufacturing of composite materials.

Additive Manufacture

Definition of a test matrix, test methods and subsequent testing of both the raw material and the final components. Projects include polymeric and metallic materials for different ALM (Additive Layer Manufacture) methods.

Filament Winding processes for composites

Design, analysis optimisation and manufacturing of high performance filament wound composite parts.

Recycling of Composite Materials

Mapping the waste stream of industrial carbon fibre and glass.

Composites in Construction & Marine Environments

Replacement of metallic and concrete materials in construction and marine applications, for corrosion prevention and weight saving.

Rapid tool manufacture

Use of the FDM 3D printing method for the rapid production of prototype and low-use tooling.

Structural Health monitoring

Using embedded sensors to determined damage and other loadings for structures containing fibre reinforcements.


The creation of optimal structures by the Overmoulding of fibrous reinforcement with advanced thermoplastics materials.

3D preforms

The creation and testing of 3D woven preforms for structural applications requiring through-thickness reinforcement.

Ageing & weathering of plastics

The development and validation of test methods to investigate material performance under operational conditions.

Polymer Fibre Technology

The assessment and testing of polymer fibres as an alternative to glass and carbon fibre for the reinforcement of structural components.